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New to project management? 
Stop guessing. Start doing and leading. 

We can help. Get engaged and transform to achieve breakthrough results as a leader in life and work. 

Accountability and pathways to help you start, execute, and finish. 


Have you examined yourself as closely as your work?

As a PM, manager, or high performer, you should be leveraging best practices to ensure the best outcomes in your work. Are you tired of... Not executing? Not finishing? Missed assignments or tasks? Completing on time? 

Are you and your teams struggling with unsatisfying results:

  • Stressed and frustrated 

  • Overwhelmed or overloaded 

  • Isolated or feeling alone

  • Poor teamwork and collaboration 

  • Toxic cultures

  • Procrastination

  • Feeling empty or something "missing" 

  • Exhausted ​

  • Feeling out of control 

  • Missing goals

  • Not progressing in career

There's a better way.

A unique ecosystem designed to help community members excel not only in their work as a project manager or leader in business, but also in life.

Our unique model and process works - we have used it and so have several colleagues and clients. And building a virtual coworking community to help each other work.

Rx Process_edited.png

We have been in your shoes and have lived and breathed it for several decades in PM and leadership roles.  Our collective experience, insights, tools and sometimes unconventional methods can help you optimize in life and work. But what really separates us our passion to help people reach their professional and personal goals. 

  • Kick off the week with energy from #MindsetMonday posts

  • Stay strong mid-week with #WisdomWednesday

  • Biblically aligned and modernized topics around leadership and life lessons in blog posts and articles to help you center and learn

  • Accountability and support via community and coaching 

  • Finish strong with 4 Point Friday posts packed with useful insights

  • Easy to follow Elevate learning plans regularly posted

  • Tool of the Month releases and Knowledge Sparks

  • 1/1 or small group offerings for personalized support

What we offer is unique and unparalleled if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to another level. We can help you do it. 

We are building something special... And we get you.

Become the Leader You Need to Be


Join our community!

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Explore the advanced Gold Program

Disrupt yourself to grow! We can help you do it.

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Basic Community

  • Basic community access

  • Select access to content and tools

  • "In the loop" networking and collaboration

  • It's Free!

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  • Monthly and Annual (discount) levels 

  • Full community access and collaboration 

  • Full access to all content and tools

  • Guaranteed satisfaction or we double the membership fees returned 

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GOLD Program

  • Full Membership access level

  • Customized 1/1 coaching around specific objectives

  • Also available for small groups/teams 

  • 13 week intervals - can be extended to 6 month or 1 year engagements

  • Guaranteed satisfaction of outcomes or we work until it is achieved 

Join the Community and Stay Connected.

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Stats Don't Lie... PM is a Tough Role and Not Getting Any Easier.

project performance


Average percentage of projects completed on time, to budget and meeting deliverables.

leading projects


97% of organizations worldwide believe project management is critical to business performance and success.

project management salary


Median salary for project managers in the U.S.

project management budget


10% of every dollar invested is wasted due to poor project performance.

Don't be a statistic. Find the edges with us that will help you separate and thrive.

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