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We get it...

Project management can be a tough role and you would think with technology it would be getting easier but it isn't. The stats don't lie - stagnation, frustration, burnout, and derailing careers are common occurrences. It takes more than the hard technical side of project management like super Gantt charts and polished PowerPoint abilities. That is where we can help, combining the simplistic use of project management tools with the softer, people centric side of leadership, self-development, accountability, and project management skills to help maximize your overall effectiveness in work and in life. 

Many things can hold you or your teams back. We help unblock those things. 

project lessons learned

>60% of projects end up failing to meet expectations.

program management

Volume - 85% of project managers are carrying 2 or more projects, while 30% carry 4+ projects. 

73% of project managers report some degree of burnout today. This is often being carried into their homes. 

improving communicaton

Over 80% of project managers and team members report half their workweek is "rework" due to bad communication.

The Team

The Rx initiative is intended to become a movement and involve the entire community in some capacity collaborating and contributing. Below is the leadership nucleus currently behind the wheel. 

The Story

From us to you... 

We took on the Rx “project” to reach and impact a broader number of PMs (and other leaders) to help them grow and win. The PM role, or any mid-level management role really, can be a tough job or assignment. Project management is probably one of the most challenging developmental roles one can take on as it develops numerous hard and soft skills, requires great patience, and is dynamic keeping you constantly on your toes. Knowing how tough it can be having gone through it, we have learned some tips and hacks that has not only helped us but other team members navigate it.

The RxPM community brings a different, unconventional, and pretty unique approach to doing this. We don’t focus solely on theory, text books, and canned protocols – the real world operates much different. The best project plans and PERT charts don’t mean much when you take that figurative first punch. You have to be flexible and adapt on the fly, and you have to be constantly learning and sharpening yourself. We do focus on PM principles but offer much more in leadership principles, biblical alignment to to ground and center, home life, self development emphasis, culture and the mindset side of PM. We combine this with proven, practical systems and cadence that has been used successfully in the field to help you elevate your overall game in your work and in life. 


We truly have learned over the years both in work and in life and teach an unorthodox mix of methods when it comes to project management and change leadership. With this site and the app, we can partner up 24/7 and you have access to our frequent content, tools, programming, and support of the community. Let's all win together. 

We help project managers lead and win.

  1. Over 30+ years of experience in project management.

  2. On a mission to impact and ignite 1M+ in industry.

  3. Cutting edge articles and blog posts.

  4. Daily Ignition for inspiration and reflection.

  5. Mindset Monday, Wisdom Wednesday, 4 Point Friday posts

  6. No BS tools or content shared - all proven in the field.

  7. Elevate programming to build your skills and help you grow. 

  8. Coaching and accountability to hit your goals.

Are you ready to take your project management game to another level?

Are you ready to go on offense and stop playing defense?

Are you ready to commit to growth and development?

Are you ready to go after a promotion and earn a higher salary?

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