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Work On Your Projects, Not In Them

Community, accountability, clarity, and personal support so you can focus on being a leader, working on your projects and not in them.

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It Can Happen. Getting Sucked into the Vortex...

  • Constantly fire fighting

  • Losing the big picture and strategic intent 

  • Missing deadlines and goals

  • Waning team engagement and morale

  • Burnout and excessive bleed over of work into home life

  • Doing more managing than leading

Think of us as guard rails to keep you and teams on the road. Or, the pit crew in the race to keep your car running optimal or get it back on the track.

Doing PM work full time can be a tough assignment but absolutely rich in development and growth. It can also be stressful and taxing.  

“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.”

— Woody Williams

What you get with us in Rx Project Management:

Targeted Weekly Content

From #MindsetMonday to #WisdomWednesday and 4 Point Friday, we got you covered week to week.

Focused Articles and Blogs

Targeted articles and blogs on a variety of relevant PM and leadership topics to help you thrive.

Tools and Knowledge Sparks

Tools and templates as well as periodic Knowledge Sparks providing quick overviews of tools and techniques. 

Community Support and Coaching

Members get access to fellow community members. Develop relationships. Vent. Cowork. Collaborate. Get support.

Elevate Programmed Learning Plans

Our unique carefully curated and created learning plans to help you continue elevating your game.

1/1 Support and Tailored Coaching*

Our Gold program personal coaching is more than rah-rah. It is targeted Discovery and actions plans with specific outcomes. 

* Available exclusively in Gold program. Learn more about Gold.

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