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What is a Project?


Dec 3, 2022

What is a project?

What is a project?

It can be a debate - but note that not everything is a project.

A project can be any temporary and organized effort to create a unique product, service, process, plan, or outcome. They can be simple or complex in terms of size and scale.

They typically have:

  • A team, bringing together a group of people from a range of areas to collaborate often for a finite duration.

  • A defined leader, know as a project manager

  • A defined scope including desired outcomes and then a plan which defines the finite time period for execution

Successful projects satisfy customers or end users with the outcomes, and are typically measured in terms of meeting these "deliverables", the time to execute, and meeting the costs budgeted if necessary.

Why it matters?

Projects have become a preferred vehicle for fulfilling customer needs or desired outcomes due to their flexibility and diversity. More organizations continue to rely on projects as a basis for execution.

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